Terry & Pam B. & Family, Lancaster

"We wanted to build a new home but were unwilling to move twice; CertainSale gave us the comfort level to begin construction prior to selling our existing home."

Drs. Robert & Paula S., Lancaster

"CertainSale allowed us to being construction on our new home as soon as we put our current house up for sale. We could build our dream home without worrying that our present home would not sell or that we would be forced to make a double move. We would recommend this program to anyone. For us, CertainSale was, without a doubt, the perfect solution."

Floyd & Betty F., Lancaster

"32 years ago we moved into what we expected would be our last home. However, time changes all things. CertainSale allowed us to transition into a more comfortable lifestyle. We would recommend CertainSale to anyone!"

Adam & Tracy P., York

"If it wasn't for your CertainSale Program Tracy and I wouldn't have considered buying a new home. Your program provided an easy path from our old home to our new home, with every step of the way mapped out beforehand. The worry of selling our old home was gone and since we knew in advance what our payment would be it made the decision to buy a new home a no-brainer."