Retirement Living

CertainSale Retirement Living

You're ready to change your lifestyle and the pace at which you live, but you may discover a few unexpected twists and turns as well. CertainSale Retirement Living is designed for those individuals and extended family members who are dealing with unexpected circumstances where Independent Living, Assisted Living and/or Nursing Care is a must. Typically, those in transition feel that they must "hurry and get the house sold" and sacrifice precious dollars in the sale of their home as emotional and financial pressures bear down on them.

We want to help you! CertainSale will allow you to quickly access up to 60% of your homes equity to cover transition costs and we'll assume the financial responsibility for the home until it has sold. When the home closes, your equity advance will be paid back and CertainSale will recoup any funds expended to carry the home. While similar to our New Construction program there are a few differences in the program design, with seniors in mind.

For more information on our CertainSale Retirement Living Program, contact Mike Julian at Realty ONE Group Unlimited for more details. He can be reached at 717.449.0522 or email him at